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Features of the Keyboards

On the keyboards you can

Which Browser?

The keyboards are fully functional with

Firefox and Opera offer also versions for other operating systems like Linux, Mac Os, Solaris (Opera) and OS/2 (Opera).

Opera and Firefox can be downloaded for free from their homepages. They do not require much space on the disk and can each be installed without problems as an additional browser beside the standard browser of the operating system.

The Characters are not displayed in the Textarea

If you see  or question marks instead of the characters you have typed in, the fonts chosen for the keyboard are not on your computer. The keyboard fonts for Norwegian are Arial Unicode MS, DejaVu Sans, Tahoma and Code2000. These fonts should provide a good language support.

If you are working on your own computer, the easiest way to get a full keyboard display is to download and install one of these fonts:

DejaVu Sans
filename: dejavusans.ttf
Free download from (
filename: Code2000.ttf
Download from Supports a large amount of languages; Shareware, US$5,00 after a test period.

The keyboard fonts not listed in this table are delivered with Windows.

If you can't install a font because you are not working on your own computer, please read  Changing the Keyboard Font.

How to Install a New Font (for Windows)

For downloading, the fonts are usually compressed (zip, exe, tar). So you install a new font:

Windows recognises the fonts in this folder automatically.

Changing the Keyboard Font
(This is also for changing fonts in the Print Area.)

For getting a full display on the keyboard, you may also try another keyboard font. The menu 'Change Font' is on the left side of the keyboard. Just click on the menu button and then try out the fonts in the menu.

To make a change in the keyboard display, the chosen font must be in the font folder of your computer. Under Windows the fonts are in C:\Windows\FONTS. Also it must support the language you want to write.

Editing the Text

If you edit the text in a text editor or in a word processing application like Microsoft Word, please choose a font that supports the text language in the font selection menu:

  Microsoft Word
Font Selection Menu

If the text is displayed on the keyboard and in the print area, it normally should be printed out correctly. However, some printers do not support all languages.

If the text is not printed correctly, you could do the following:

Entering a Color in the Print Area

You can enter a color either by using the HTML name like red, green, blue or by the hexadecimal name like #FFCC33. For a list of HTML and hexadecimal color names please see  here.  - Online Keyboards Home Sitemap Credits Contact About the site